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Simulate Mars Rover missions, or program your rover to fetch objects for you. Roli is a fun and inspiring way to learn about Rovers!

Roli is a very customisable WiFi enabled planetary rover style robot kit, with 13 female ez-bit connections for additional EZ-bits. Much like a space exploration vehicle, Roli was designed to be a workhorse and move across different surfaces. With a 7.4v LiPo battery powering 2 motors, this robot has enough torque to tackle tough terrain. The wheel and tread heights are adjustable, so you can modify its ground clearance. The included EZ-B v4 Camera adds impressive vision tracking capability.

Follow along with this video Professor E to get the Roli Rover Robot to move, colour track and more!

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Product overview

Getting Started with Revolution Roli Rover in the Classroom

Welcome to EZ-Robot and your new ROLI Rover robot. EZ-Robot is an edtech solution that supports teaching and inspires learning. Empowering lifelong learning through real world applications and problem-solving, EZ-Robot provides new opportunities for reinforcing the power of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Our ROLI Educators Guide introduces the EZ-Robot pedagogical approach, tips for classroom use, educational design challenges, and how to get started.

This robot course will help build your confidence and competence in technology and robotics. The Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E will be your guides throughout these ROLI tutorials. Have fun!

Roli Educators Guide PDF

For ages 12+


– 1 x EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller
– 1 x EZ-Builder Control Software with Apps
– 1 x Rover Body Top
– 2 x 3 Servo-motor Arm with Gripper
– 1 x Lever HDD Servo-motor
– 1 x Rotation HDD Servo-motor
– 1 x LiPo Robot Battery 7.4v 1300mAh
– 1 x LiPo Battery Balancer Charger
– 2 x Extension Cable
– 1 x EZ-B v4 Camera
– 1 x 2.5 Amp Motor Controller
– 2 x Wire Spiral Wrap (6″ length)
– 1 x USB Wifi Dongle