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Fable Start: The Beginners Educational Robotics Kit

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This beginners educational robotics kit includes 1 x Fable Explore Joint Module and 1 x Fable Go Spin Module. It also comes packed with accessories to start your coding journey.

The Educational Robot, Fable, is a modular robotics system that allows students from Grade 3 through University to build their own robot, fit for purpose, in minutes. Students have three starting points to program Fable: simple Blockly, advanced Blockly and Python Script. An ideal inclusion for any STEM program to engage students in coding.

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Product overview

Fable Start Contents:

  • 1 x Joint module
  • 1 x Fable Spin module
  • 2 x Fable Hub
  • 1 x Wheel Set
  • 1 x Castor Wheel
  • 1 x Phone holder
  • 1 x Flex Phone Holder
    • 1 x Laser pointer
  • 1 x 4XY Module
  • 1 x 3XY module
  • 2 x 3D Connector Module
  • 2 x Accessory Adapter
  • 1 x Throwing Arm incl. Ball
  • 1 x Maze incl. Balls
  • 1 x Plow
  • 2 x Fork
  • 2 x Ball Stand incl. Ball
  • 4 x USB Cables

The Fable Start kit is intended to be shared by 4 students working in groups of 2.

Age range: 7+ years


Top Educational Robotics Modular Construction System for Schools!

The Fable robot makes it fun and easy to teach 21st century skills and STEM


Bring STEAM to life when combining both the Spin and Joint modules as described above. Any number of these modules can be connected to build limitless models. Why not build an automated warehouse manager that collects packages using the joint module and drives them to the delivery truck using the spin module? Or a humanoid robot with moving arms, body, and face with Shape Robotics app available for mobile devices.

Build robots in seconds

Fable allows students to materialise their ideas in no time and put them to the test. Fast to build and clean up, leaving more time for teaching. Students can create their own robot in minutes and assemble modules together in many different configurations. Build custom robot bodies, use the inbuilt sensors and program the robot’s movement.

Solve real problems

The use of Fable can elevate understanding of problem-solving techniques and eliminate the fear of failure for students.

Grows with the user

Fable makes robotics approachable and easy to learn. Use it in primary schools (8+ years of age), high schools, vocational schools and universities.

Depending on experience level, students can program using visual blocks (Blockly) or a programming language (Python). After one lesson with Fable students can work toward solving real-world problems. Fable is appropriate for primary school (8+), secondary and higher education.




We ordered the trial Fable kit to see if it would be easy to include it into our curriculum. We had been wanting to find a way to start robotics with our Y7 and Y8ʼs and Fable appealed to us.

We were thrilled when it arrived and we found it easy to get started. It was really well made and easy to put together. We also loved the blocky editor and found it easy to navigate round and it complimented the other work on blockly we had been doing. We set it up and got a few pupils to try it out. They got Fable to monitor movement, then wave and smile. The best thing though was the discussion between the pupils. The problem solving and thinking skills were a joy to witness.

We loved it so much we ordered a class set and havenʼt looked back.

Karen Fleming
Keble Prep School, UK


Download the latest version of the Fable Blockly software

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Download Fable Face to take advantage of the sensors

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