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Games for Building Secure Relationships in the Early Years

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Over seventy playful games and activities, one per month of life up to the age of six, to help adults and children build a secure relationship based on trust and attachment

An acknowledged expert in the field of dramatherapy, Dr Clive Holmwood carefully guides readers through each activity in an accessible yet informative way.

Each activity features:

  • step-by-step instructions on how to carry it out with children
  • a full resource list
  • comprehensive details of the benefits it can offer
  • a series of engaging follow-up activities
  • details of how it links directly to the Early Learning Goals (from the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage),
  • cross-references to other related activities in the book.

For ease of reference, each activity is organised chronologically, one per month of life, from birth to six years of age. The activities, each spanning a double-page, are further arranged into three main sections, which correlate directly to the three key developmental stages of young children.

This resource will prove an indispensable reference point and an invaluable source of inspiration for all play therapists, reception teachers, nursery staff, childminders and parents.

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