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How Do I…? Set

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How do I… make friends, make choices, get a job and date?

These important questions and related issues are addressed by the popular How Do I… Series utilising highly engaging game-play and discussion.

The series was developed for the busy teacher, counsellor, and speech pathologist that are in need of practical resources with the aim of producing outstanding results.

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Product overview

The How Do I… Discussion Pack includes:

How Do I… Make Friends – Some young people find it difficult to make or keep friends, or they may not really understand the purpose of having a friend. This card game offers help in the form of discussion and reflection, practice in saying the right words, and a forum in which  consider friendship skills.

How Do I… Make Choices – Making important choices can be so difficult that it may feel like a crisis for some people, with even the smallest choices proving challenging. These cards provide an ideal platform to help participants to make informed choices.

How Do I… Get a Job – help young people learn to understand and prepare for work experience, job- seeking, interviews and coping in the workplace.

How Do I… Date – helps young people understand the dating process and improve their skills in this area of communication. The cards promote expression and discussion in a light hearted way that avoids embarrassment.

Ages: 11+