How to Homeschool the Kids You Have

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Advice from the Kitchen Table

In How to Homeschool the Kids You Have, three veteran home educators lead you through the process of creating a custom educational plan that works for your family’s unique situation and your children’s needs.

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SKU: 9781915261564 - 12 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Courtney Ostaff, Jenn Naughton, Andrew Campbell Publisher: JOHN CATT EDUCATIONAL Page count: 204 ISBN: 9781915261564 Publish date: 10th January, 2023

Product overview

With this book, you’ll identify your own educational priorities and learn how to translate them into a strong academic program. You’ll also learn about what science tells us about how humans- especially young humans-learn, and why that information is crucial for the success of your homeschooling plans. Along the way, the authors share their own experiences and those of other homeschoolers to help you avoid pitfalls so you can provide your children with the excellent education that is their birthright.