Free Spirit

I Want to Win!

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A book about being a good sport

Help young children recognize and understand their feelings, their actions, and how they are connected.

Bella always needs to win—no matter what. At summer Fun Club, she gets mad whenever someone beats her in a game. When she struggles during a tent-making competition, Bella would rather give up than keep trying. Can she learn to do her best and feel good about it, even if she’s not the winner? With the help of the club leader, Bella discovers that she can make a tent, even if it’s not the best tent—and that being a good sport feels much better than being a sore loser.

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SKU: 9781631981319 - 16 Categories: , Ages: 0 - 5 Author: Sue Graves Illustrator: Emanuela Carletti, Desideria Guicciardini Publisher: Free Spirit Page count: 28 ISBN: 9781631981319