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Ladybugs Counting Kit

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Explore early maths skills with this set of ladybug counting stones and number cards. Made from durable materials, this resources teaches addition, subtraction, and odd and even numbers.

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Product overview

Ladybugs Counting Stones

Ladybugs Counting Stones can be used throughout a setting to explore counting to 20, subitising, odd and even numbers, and addition. Bury the bugs in a tray filled with leaves and twigs or scatter them around the edge of an outdoor nature area for the children to discover. Each set of ladybugs includes two each of 0–10 (22 Ladybugs) and an activity leaflet of related ideas and games. Bugs measures 50mm.

Ladybugs Early Number Cards

Designed for use alongside our Ladybugs Counting Stones, the Ladybugs Early Number Cards are an ideal way to explore early maths skills. The detailed, photographic images featured on the cards will aid the development of key mathematical language. Activities include counting forwards and backwards on leaf number lines and finding suitable ladybug homes in the forest and log pile. Made from durable plastic, the cards are tough enough for use in the outdoor area. Each set includes 16 colourful cards measuring 275 x 210mm.


PPS Awards Tester – September 16, 2016:
The ladybugs were very popular with the children and easily invited counting of the spots. They engaged well with the activity and they are good for early maths and language. There was a variety of them, some with numbers and some with pictures which kept the activity open so children could go in their own direction.”