Learning Rebooted

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Education Fit for the Digital Age

Arguing that education systems are failing to keep up with the pace of change in society, The System Rebooted: Education Fit For the Digital Age, sets out a unique proposal for system-wide radical change. Focusing on the transformations needed in order to align education systems with current trends in society, the book stimulates discussion by offering a heightened understanding of what education reform needs to look like, and suggesting a way forward for both individual schools and whole systems.

The book makes a clear delineation between learning and education, building a case for how learning, an essential skill, is often not allowed to flourish in many modern education systems. Chapters explore how rapid changes to technology are shaping the way young people share, collaborate and communicate and, arguing that education systems continue to produce young people who are not equipped with the skills that society needs, the book makes a cogent case for how education systems need to reflect these profound changes, as well as highlighting how learning organisations could rationalise their expenditure on technology.

This unique and radical book brings topical issues to the forefront of discussion, and is essential reading for school leaders, policy makers, and governors.

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SKU: 9780815368304 - 88 Category: Ages: Adult Author: James Penny Publisher: Routledge Page count: 172 ISBN: 9780815368304 Publish date: 20th November, 2017