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Let’s Roll – Ocean Life

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Explore precious and enticing ocean habitats with this set of creative rollers. You will soon be making waves as you roll into play dough or clay and use the stamps to bring the water to life with a variety of sea creatures. Count the dolphins diving in the water, follow the fish through the bubbles and create tactile story adventures for the whole cast of characters! Why not use this resource as a springboard to learn interesting facts and new vocabulary? Children can practise using different amounts of pressure and rolling in different ways, time and time again. The set includes the following ocean creatures and their habitats: dolphin and waves, turtle and coral, fish and bubbles, seahorse and seagrass, shark and fish, octopus and cave.

Made from a unique stone mix, they are durable for use outdoors: in mud, sand, water, or soil.

Each set contains six rollers each measuring 72 x 34mm and are easy to clean.

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