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Living Meaningfully with Dementia Pack

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Growing old may at times seem cruel but these resources offer a tender, alternative view of enduring love and friendship even when the mind is not what it once was. It explores what it means to be an embodied self with feelings and emotions, how individuals can relate to others despite cognitive changes and challenges to communications, and what this means for the inclusion of people with dementia in society.

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Product overview

The Living Meaningfully with Dementia Pack includes:

Will I Still Be Me?: Finding a Continuing Sense of Self in the Lived Experience of Dementia – What does a dementia diagnosis mean for an individual’s sense of self? Christine Bryden shares her insider view on living with dementia and explains how a continuing sense of self is possible after diagnosis and as the condition develops. Encouraging a deeper understanding of how individuals live meaningfully with dementia, the book challenges the dominant story of people with dementia ‘fading away’ to eventually become an ’empty shell’.

Around the Corner A Series of Vignettes – a collection of vignettes set in an aged care home. It focuses on an aged movie star plagued with dementia, her visiting husband, and another aged resident. Each vignette can be read separately or as a connected series. This is a gentle story which will surely resonate with those that are aged, who have aged family and friends, or those who work as carers for the aged.

Dear Alzheimer’s: A Diary of Living with Dementia – How to live a full and rewarding life after a dementia diagnosis. Keith Oliver was diagnosed with young onset dementia at the age of 55. Unaware at the time that dementia could affect people of this age, Keith set out to increase public awareness of the condition and dispel the myths about the illness. Using a unique diary format, this intimate and empowering memoir captures what everyday life with dementia is like, offering both a candid look at its struggles, and a profoundly moving account of Keith’s journey to live a full life afterwards.

Yoga for Dementia: A Guide for People with Dementia, Their Families and Caregivers – Proven to enhance wellbeing, posture, breathing and sleep, and reduce anxiety and agitation, this programme shows how yoga can be adapted to benefit people with dementia. Based on the findings of a pilot therapeutic yoga programme for people with dementia in care homes, this book offers substantial yoga sequences, breathing exercises, meditations and mindfulness exercises for improving symptoms associated with dementia. It offers an innovative Reminiscence Yoga approach, which uses sounds, music, guided imagery and familiar actions to stimulate memories. The book demonstrates the many benefits of yoga for people with dementia, and describes the ways that each yoga exercise can be adapted for people of different abilities. Market: Staff in care homes, day centres, memory clinics, community groups and day hospitals, and family carers.