Make Teaching Sustainable: Six Shifts That Teachers Want and Students Need

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Rethink your teaching practice with six mindset shifts that will transform how you approach the job, ensuring that you can sustain your energy and effectiveness while empowering and supporting learners.

Traditional approaches to the practice of teaching are unsustainable. Too many educators are disengaging, burning out, and leaving the profession in response to stressors both inside and outside of schools. And high teacher turnover has a negative effect on our students.

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SKU: 9781416632290 - 11 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Paul Emerich France Publisher: ASCD Page count: 166 ISBN: 9781416632290 Publish date: August 2023

Product overview

In Make Teaching Sustainable, Paul Emerich France explores six mindset shifts that you can implement to improve your educational environment—while also supporting and empowering the students you lead:

  • Humanity over industry

  • Collectivism over individualism

  • Empowerment over control

  • Minimalism over maximalism

  • Process over product

  • Flexibility over fixedness

The goal of sustainable teaching is not simply to have teachers do less work, but also to help focus efforts on effective, efficient, and meaningful practices that make learning richer for students.

Guided by recent research and interviews with practitioners in the field, France explores how mindset and practice shifts interact with themes of healing, regeneration, vulnerability, partnership, ritual, and simplicity. He also outlines tangible benefits to sustainable teaching, from a reduction in burnout to an increase in student engagement with learning.

Whether you’re a teacher, coach, or administrator, Make Teaching Sustainable will inspire you to embark on a practicable, action-oriented path to sustainability, ensuring that you can continue to be nurtured, supported, and effective in the profession that you love.