Multicultural Issues in School Psychology

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SKU: 9780789034656 - 88 Categories: , , NDIS approved: Yes Author: NASTASI Publisher: Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9780789034656 Publish date: 11/12/2006

Product overview

Make a professional commitment to developing knowledge and awareness of your students’ cultural differences.
Multicultural Issues in School Psychology presents theoretical and empirical models that provide a framework for addressing cross-cultural concerns and introducing culturally specific services in school psychology practice. This unique book connects scientific knowledge with practical applications to address issues related to assessment, intervention, consultation, systems/community intervention, home-school partnerships, and the adoption of evidence-based interventions. The book also looks at the school psychologist’s role in multicultural practice and the implications for developing culturally competent practitioners.
Thsi book provides much-needed practical guidance in theory development, research, training, policy, and practice. The books contributors, all active participants in the effort to develop multicultural perspectives and practices in schools, address the importance of an ecological perspective, the broad and varied definitions of culture, the involvement of stakeholders in decision making, innovative approaches to data collection and intervention design, and the reconsideration of the school psychologist’s role.
Multicultural Issues in School Psychology examines:

a mixed-methods technique for developing culturally sound assessment tools
a culture-specific, peer victimization intervention for addressing the effects of bullying on middle school students
the instructional needs of English language learners in non-bilingual settings
an illustrative case study of Hmong parents in home-school partnerships
various issues concerning multicultural interventions at a system level
coding criteria for reviewing, evaluating, and identifying effective interventions
and much more
Multicultural Issues in School Psycholog