Nicotine Addiction Among Adolescents

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SKU: 9780789011701 - 88 Categories: , , NDIS approved: Yes Author: WAGNER Publisher: Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9780789011701 Publish date: 9/08/2000

Product overview

Catch up with current theories on a major public health menace! Adolescent smoking has increasingly become a concern as a public health issue, yet the theoretical and empirical literature in the area remains skimpy. Nicotine Addiction Among Adolescents furnishes researchers and medical professionals with a comprehensive overview of current theories and statistics. Moreover, it offers fresh empirical research as well as suggestions for promising avenues of investigation.

The first half of Nicotine Addiction Among Adolescents provides a solid conceptual and practical context for studying adolescent nicotine addiction, drawing on the most advanced scholarly studies of why teenagers start smoking and the process of addiction. The second half evaluates nicotine replacement therapy, smoking interventions among substance-abusing adolescents, and smoking among teenage girls.

Nicotine Addiction Among Adolescents addresses all phases of adolescent tobacco use. This valuable guide details:

  • the pharmacological, psychological, and developmental factors that influence teen smoking behavior
  • the hidden connection between depression, gender, and cigarettes
  • the grounds for the debate over whether most teens become addicted to nicotine
  • emerging practices and methods to help adolescents stop smoking
  • links between smoking and other kinds of substance abuse
  • ways to improve prevention and intervention programs
  • unanswered questions about teenage smoking that demand further research

    Nicotine Addiction Among Adolescents recognizes the need for developmentally sensitive approaches for conceptualizing and treating nicotine addiction and offers you thought-provoking strategies and models that will spark future research.