Occupational Group Therapy

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Occupational Group Therapy helps group leaders achieve a higher and more dynamic level of therapeutic intervention, gain a better understanding of foundational concepts and research, and utilise active techniques that have meaningful and lasting effects on their clients. This practical guide encourages readers to use and develop their skills creatively in a range of interventions, including hospital-based work with acutely ill clients, physical acute care, and rehabilitation.

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SKU: 9781119591436 - 116 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Rosemary Crouch Publisher: Wiley Page count: 224 ISBN: 9781119591436 Publish date: May 2021

Product overview

The text presents both the theoretical background and practical applications of occupational group therapy: core skills and concepts, styles of group leadership, clinical and ethical reasoning, and different models of therapy such as the functional group model, the model of human occupation (MOHO), and the occupational therapy interactive group model (OTIGM), alongside warm-up and ice-breaker techniques, role-play exercises, assertiveness and social skills training strategies, guidance on using psychodrama and the therapeutic spiral model (TSM) in group settings, and more.

  • Develops the skills and self-confidence occupational therapists need to be effective group leaders
  • Covers the functional and performance aspects necessary for occupational therapy intervention, including client handling, and structuring and communication skills.
  • Discusses new ways of addressing common concerns and issues in various intervention settings
  • Offers ideas and techniques for using higher-level interventions, such as psychodrama and the Therapeutic Spiral model
  • Helps readers to design effective group experiences that allow their clients to “work on themselves” both inside and outside of the group

Written by an esteemed expert with decades of practical experience in the field, with a chapter from Louise Fouché, an accomplished occupational group therapist and developer of OTIGM, and foreword by Professor Emerita Sharon Brintnell, former President of World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT): Occupational Group Therapy is a must-have teaching manual and guide for undergraduate and post-graduate occupational therapy students, and for practitioners looking to increase their use of group work as a therapeutic intervention.