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Engaging with Generative AI in Education

Embark on a captivating journey through the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in education with this thought-provoking book. As this innovative technology takes centre-stage, education institutions grapple with its implications, from concerns over academic integrity to the swift evolution of creative generative AI tools.

Amidst the discourse surrounding the controversial role of ChatGPT in education, the book takes a holistic approach. It transcends individual applications to explore the broader landscape of generative AI, offering educators invaluable insights into its workings and ethical considerations. Divided into six parts, it guides readers through the intricacies of generative AI, addresses ethical concerns, navigates policy landscapes, and provides practical strategies for integrating these technologies into education.

Leon Furze prompts educators to critically engage with AI, fostering a balance between innovation and ethical responsibility. He invites readers to ponder the ethical dimensions of generative AI and encourages them to navigate this transformative terrain with both an open mind and a discerning eye.

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