Relationships That Work

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Four Ways to Connect (and Set Boundaries) with Colleagues, Students, and Parents

Teaching is an extremely gratifying profession, but it can also be draining if you don’t have fulfilling relationships and the ability to avoid toxic, negative people. This unique book, written by bestselling author and psychologist Adam Sáenz and child/adolescent therapist Jeremy Dew, shows you how to increase job satisfaction and personal fulfilment by connecting with others. You’ll learn about the relationships you can forge with students, colleagues, and parents to foster a healthy and life-changing learning environment, while also avoiding social and personal stress.

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SKU: 9781138843035 - 88 Categories: , NDIS approved: Yes Ages: Adult Author: Adam Saenz, Jeremy Dew Publisher: Routledge Page count: 144 ISBN: 9781138843035 Publish date: 42186

Product overview

In particular, you’ll uncover how to:

  • Build bridges to connect with students in a positive manner, making a difference in their lives
  • Interact with colleagues and parents in productive ways
  • Examine and evaluate your professional relationships
  • Build fences to protect yourself from harm or frustration and remain relationally engaged
  • Manage your emotions effectively, and learn how to express and direct them appropriately in the classroom
  • Throughout each chapter, you’ll find strategies, reflection questions, and assessment tools to help you apply the book’s concepts

Relationships That Work is an essential read for teachers at all grade levels who want not only to educate but also to guide, nurture, encourage, and form deep, long-lasting bonds.


Adam Sáenz is Founder and Clinical Director of the Oakwood Collaborative, a counseling and assessment center in Bryan, Texas.

Jeremy Dew is a licensed professional counselor who works with children and adolescents.

“In this inspiring gem of a book, Sáenz and Dew provide a powerful reminder that it is educators, more than education, that change lives. The identity checks and practical exercises in each chapter allow teachers to more deeply understand their core calling and examine their motivations for becoming an educator.”

–Kirsten Baesler, North Dakota State Superintendent

“Every educator repeatedly hears, ‘It is all about relationships.’ While this is undeniably true, details on how to accomplish this are often lacking. In Relationships that Work, Sáenz and Dew provide guidance that is both specific and inspirational. This resource will help every educator reach students who most need meaningful connections to school.”

–Randy Sprick, Ph.D., Director, Safe & Civil Schools