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Resilience eResource Pack

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Now, more than ever, it’s important for us all to foster resilience in the face of challenges and uncertainty.
So, here’s our Resilience eResource Pack to help your students address National Mental Health Month 2021 theme of Post Pandemic Recovery Challenges and Resilience.
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SKU: 141021 - 123 Category: NDIS approved: Yes Ages: 13 - 18

Product overview

Pack includes:
Get practical with this series of over 40 PDF worksheets designed to make psychotherapeutic principles accessible, understandable and usable for everyone. Topics covered include: Managing Uncertainty, Staying Connected to Others, Finding Meaning, and Calming Your Body with Progressive Muscle Relaxation.
This on-the-go pocket guide offers simple, evidence-based strategies for coping with stress and feeling overwhelmed. Think of it as the portable peace-finder!
This essential guide offers fifty-two quick and powerful mindfulness-based strategies to help students break free from fear, worry and panic, and cultivate genuine, lasting happiness.
Utilise activities and interactive exercises to help your students learn to bounce back from setbacks, develop grit and a growth mindset, and overcome any obstacle that comes their way. Give you students a gift that will grow with them beyond high school and into adulthood: resilience.