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Resolving Conflict Games Pack

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Now students can play dominoes and simultaneously learn to resolve conflicts in a nonviolent, win-win way! Like other behaviour, bullying is not random, rather, it is motivated by specific goals. Most bullying is motivated by social goals, such as status, popularity, power, having fun, etc. The pack emphasises that all students in the school community have the ability to support bullying or to discourage it. Students learn concrete, non-violent skills to use in bullying situations. Players develop and improve important skills, including anger management, interpersonal relations, and decision making.


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Product overview

The Resolving Conflict Games Pack includes:

Conflict Crunchers

Genuinely thought provoking, this game trains children to stay calm when facing conflict and engage in problem solving rather than choosing aggression.

Bully Safe

An educational card game based on a systems approach to reducing bullying behaviour. All children have been involved in bullying incidents, whether as a target, a bully, or a bystander. Players learn that everyone can play an important role in reducing bullying. The target of the bullying will become the victim if he/she cannot stop the bullying attempt. In addition, the bystander who laughs when the bully makes fun of another student is unwittingly rewarding the bully with the status he/she seeks and encouraging more bullying.

Building Character

This game of dominoes builds character in children by teaching them five important aspects of good character: respect, caring, fairness, honesty, and responsibility. The included deck of cards presents short scenarios, and players must decide if the actions indicated represent good or bad character. Kids take what they learn playing this game and apply it to real-life, everyday situations. For 2 to 5 players.

Anger IQ

Give teens and adults the skills they need to make good decisions and avoid violence. Research shows that all people, not just those prone to violence, are at risk of making poor decisions when angry. Anger IQ teaches teens and adults the impact of anger on the decision-making process so that they can better control their actions when angry feelings erupt. Questions and prompts encourage players to analyse anger-provoking situations, identify possible consequences of bad decisions, and make good choices. “Stop and think carefully before you act” and “avoid violence and stereotypes” are just two of the guidelines presented in the game.

Empathy Counts 

A therapeutic and educational game developed to teach young people to understand the concept of empathy, to be empathetic, and to take positive actions towards others based on empathy. It is designed for children ages 7 to 12 years old and can also be used as high-interest material for older students. These guidelines can be used by therapists, teachers, counsellors in a school setting, or parents at home.