Retrieval Practice: Primary: A guide for primary teachers and leaders

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In recent years retrieval practice has continued to grow in prominence and interest – an evidence-informed effective teaching and learning strategy that supports all learners. After extensive reading, engaging with research and working with schools, Kate Jones has written a guide that explores how retrieval practice can work in a primary school context. The book begins with research then focuses on classroom application, covering curriculum design, task and question design with retrieval practice and how to embed retrieval practice as part of the language of learning across the wider school community. This is an essential read for teachers and leaders at all levels looking to effectively embed retrieval practice in their primary classroom.

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SKU: 9781915261205 - 12 Categories: , Ages: Adult Author: Kate Jones Publisher: John Catt Educational Page count: 140 Edition: 1st Edition ISBN: 9781915261205 Publish date: 12/10/2022