Rosenshine’s Principles in Action – The Workbook

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Following the resounding success of Tom Sherrington’s Rosenshine’s Principles in Action, the seminal principles have swiftly become a practical support for teachers looking to develop their classroom practice. The Workbook seeks to further this engagement by providing a thought-provoking and reflective guide designed to encourage teachers in all settings to become self-aware practitioners. Completed alongside a series of video masterclasses delivered by Sherrington, teachers will be led through a range of questions and activities devised to secure pedagogical understanding and ensure teachers are left with clear actions to support pupil progress. The five-session structure of the workbook explores the fundamentals of classroom practice, finishing with a guided reflection on Rosenshine’s Principles in Action, thus providing the reader with a stimulating companion to Sherrington’s excellent work.

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SKU: 9781913622121 - 12 Categories: , Ages: Adult Author: Claire Grimes Publisher: John Catt Educational Page count: 90 Edition: 1st Edition ISBN: 9781913622121 Publish date: 10 July 2020