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School Philanthropy Handbook

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A strong philanthropic culture enhances a school’s capacity to provide an exceptional education and improve outcomes for all students. The School Philanthropy Handbook explores the role of modern philanthropy in independent schools and provides a framework to establish an enduring culture of giving that will outlast short-term fundraising tactics.

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SKU: 9781922607461 - 27 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Gavan Woinarski Publisher: Amba Press Page count: 113 ISBN: 9781922607461 Publish date: 1st March, 2023

Product overview

Gavan Woinarski’s future-focused model of school philanthropy empowers educational leaders to create a compelling vision and bring people together to connect and inspire prospective donors. He offers practical guidance on how to sharpen funding strategies, unify working groups, develop major gift plans, improve database management and practise good stewardship to secure real philanthropic support.

Featuring a wealth of wisdom, tips and templates—with some fascinating stories shared along the way—the School Philanthropy Handbook offers a refreshed look at how schools can embrace a culture of philanthropy that delivers benefits for years to come.

Gavan Woinarski began his career in philanthropy and fundraising in 1995 after a distinguished career as a teacher and educational leader in Australia and the United Kingdom. After 11 years in educational fundraising at Melbourne Grammar School and Methodist Ladies’ College, he moved into the health sector as Executive Director of the Mercy Health Foundation. As Principal Consultant at GDZW Philanthropy, Gavan works with organisations, families and individuals to help pioneer philanthropic endeavours that make a difference to people.


“It is rare to be able to access the deep expertise and wise counsel of a genuinely expert practitioner in such a concise and well-structured book. So many great messages and much values-based guidance. Definitely a must read.”

Emeritus Professor Glenn Bowes AO

“A combination of vision, values, strategy, compelling communication via stories and practical advice make this a significant resource for school leaders. Philanthropy is not fundraising. If you are unsure of the difference, this is the book for you.”

Allan Shaw

“There are a number of things common across third sector organisations; one is the need for friend and fundraising, another is how inexperienced the sector is in achieving either. This book provides an accessible, ‘hands on’ guide, written by an expert in the field with supportive tools to start or refine your approach to attract and retain philanthropic support. Whilst the book has a school focus, the contents extend to all third sector organisations.”

Dr John Ballard

“The accumulated wisdom and experience in this book are invaluable. It is a resource every independent school needs.”

Gabby Montagnese

“I admire anyone who has the courage to write about culture. And I particularly admire someone who encourages a culture of giving to support something as essential as education. This book should be compulsory reading for anyone contemplating a school fundraising program. It contains the wisdom of a lifetime’s devotion to this critical task.”

Simon McKeon AO