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Social and Emotional Skills Pack for Children

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The importance of social and emotional skills in children’s education is unquestionable. What is questionable is how to teach them in meaningful and engaging ways. This is where the Social and Emotional Skills Pack for Children comes into play. It is a collection of highly engaging activities and games designed to actively engage children.

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SKU: 070119 - 123 Categories: , NDIS approved: Yes Ages: 6 - 12 Language: English

Product overview

The Social and Emotional Skills Pack for Children includes:

101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills

An appealingly illustrated ready-to-use, reproducible activity book includes 101 ready-to-use activities to help children.

Social Smarts

Helps all children improve their social relations and communication skills. It is especially helpful for children who tend to misread social cues.

You & Me: A Game of Social Skills

A cooperative board game that teaches day-to-day social skills and social awareness. Designed to help children become socially aware of the world they live in, as they build the social skills they need in everyday life.

Social Skills Chipper Chat®

A fun, motivating, magnetic chip game designed to help students discuss and understand appropriate ways of dealing with numerous social situations. The game has 12 different sets of social “theme” boards.

Ages: Children