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Social Cohesion for Primary Pack

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Bullying, aggression and violence can occur at all schools, especially during times of uncertainty and change. This pack is designed to help your school with targeted, evidence-based resources to help students deal with feelings such as aggression and anger and bring social cohesion back to your classroom and your school.

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Product overview

Activities to Help Young People Deal with Bullying

This book of 56 activities will help professionals to work through bullying issues with young people and address the underlying causes. The content covers: · The impact of the group · Belonging · Social settings · Norms · Values · Peer groups · Friendships · Power · Isolation · Responsibility · Restorative work · Conciliation work.


Bullying Game

The Bullying Game is an effective intervention program because it focuses on all three roles in the bullying cycle: the victim, the bully, and the bystander. This game deals with the unique characteristics of every participant in the bullying cycle and focuses on different learning objectives for each. The game particularly emphasises bullies’ motivations (e.g., displaced aggression, status-seeking) and victims’ coping strategies (e.g., assertion, distraction).


Peer Support in the Primary Playground

This book is an essential resource to develop playground relationships. Increasingly schools are working very closely with their children, helping them to develop the skills needed to take charge of their own actions and encourage responsible attitudes towards others in the school. The programme for children outlined in this book, ‘Playground Champions’, is a primary playground peer support initiative.


Mad Dragon: An Anger Control Card Game

Mad Dragon is based on the classic game Crazy Eights. Players race to get rid of their cards while learning to manage their anger. This fast-paced card game helps children: Control their anger in the moment; Practice 12 effective anger management techniques; Understand what anger feels and looks like; Avoid anger-provoking situations; Learn healthy decision-making skills; Express and understand their feelings; Identify anger cues; Learn that they have choices about how to express anger.


What Would You Do At School If… Fun Deck

Help your students make good choices in and around school with Super Duper’s What Would You Do At School if… Fun Deck. Students learn how to solve problems, understand cause/effect relationships, and practice good social skills. 56 total cards with game ideas. Cards measure 2½” x 3½” and are stored in a sturdy storage tin.