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Social Cohesion for Secondary Pack

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Bullying, aggression and violence can occur at all schools, especially during times of uncertainty and change. This pack is designed to help your school with targeted, evidence-based resources to help students deal with feelings such as aggression and anger and bring social cohesion back to your classroom and your school.

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Product overview

Positive Behaviour & Self-Esteem in Secondary Schools

This is a resource about Circle Time from an expert practitioner that can be used to create: Positive relationships throughout school; Personal, moral and social development in all students; Sound self-esteem in all members of the school community; Respectful and democratic school systems; A reduction in bullying; Positive behaviour management; Democratic listening systems which develop a sense of citizenship.

There are 25 tutorial session lesson plans each 20 minutes long which are particularly ideal for tutorial periods and PSHEE sessions, but also for use during any subject lesson.


Preventing Bullying

Preventing Bullying: Creating Non-Aggressive School Cultures is a practical and comprehensive resource for teachers, parents/carers and other professionals involved in managing the effects of bullying. With sample policies, top tips, information for parents and students, case studies, and additional resources, Preventing Bullying: Creating Non-Aggressive School Cultures will provide your school with the information and resources it needs to successfully combat bullying.


The Bullying Stops Here Ball

The Bullying Stops Here Ball teaches students about bullying and how they can stop it. The ball has a series of statements printed on it. Players throw the ball to each other. Whoever catches the ball reads and discusses the statement closest to their left or right thumb. Statements include things to think about and things to do, such as: “Point out the difference between joking and teasing”, “Name a safe way to confront a bully”. The ball is then thrown to another member of the group, who has not already caught the ball.

The balls take just a few minutes to use and instantly get the students or clients interacting in positive ways.


Teen Aggression & Bullying Workbook

The Teen Aggression & Bullying Workbook includes reproducible bullying worksheets and self-assessments designed to help teens engage in self-reflection, examine their thoughts and feelings that lead to feelings of aggression, and learn effective tools and techniques for effectively managing these feelings. This book combines two powerful psychological tools for the management of aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours: self-assessment and journaling.


The Teen Aggression & Bullying Workbook is designed to be used either independently or as part of an integrated curriculum. Aggression and bullying worksheets, assessments, and journaling exercises may be used effectively with either individuals or with a group.


Teen Violence Workbook

The Teen Violence Workbook, contains five separate sections that will help participants learn more about themselves as well as the impact of dating relationships and violence in their lives. Participants will develop an awareness of the violence that they are exposed to daily. They will complete assessments and activities to help them explore the violence in their lives and develop strategies for coping with violence.


This book has been designed as a practical tool for helping professionals, such as therapists, school counsellors, psychologists, guidance counsellors, teachers and group leaders. Depending on the role of the professional using the Teen Violence Workbook and the specific group’s needs, these sections can be used individually or combined for a more comprehensive approach.