Social-Emotional Learning Through STEAM Projects, Grades 4-5

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Social-Emotional Learning Through STEAM Projects, Grades 4–5 helps educators target the development of social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies for high-ability learners through interdisciplinary, project-based inquiry. Aligned with STEAM content standards, each of the nine projects introduces students to a real-world problem through essential questions and the presentation of a primary source document. Both the content and the inquiry process support SEL competency development, from self-awareness to selfmanagement, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. As students work to understand and pose solutions to each problem, they gain the knowledge and practical skills needed to become more socially and emotionally competent individuals in their classroom communities.

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SKU: 9781032161914 - 88 Categories: , , , Ages: 6 - 12 Author: Season Mussey Publisher: Prufrock Press Page count: 116 ISBN: 9781032161914 Publish date: 28th February, 2022