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Taking Seizure Disorders to School

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Grade level: Pre-K-3. This book is part of The Special Kids in School Series and is a must-have for every counsellor, teacher, school nurse, parent, or caregiver. This beautifully illustrated and fun-to-read storybook tells the story of Jaime, a kid living with a seizure disorder.

SKU: 9781891383168 - 99 Category: Ages: 0-5 Author: Ellen Weiner Illustrator: Moss Freedman Publisher: Guidance Group Page count: 32 Edition: ISBN: 9781891383168 Publish date:

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When read aloud, other children can start to identify why a peer with a seizure disorder may be treated differently and begin to empathize with the peer. In addition, children with a seizure disorder or children who have conditions that set them apart as being different begin to feel accepted and safe. Book includes a Kid Quiz to reinforce new information and Ten Tips for Teachers to provide additional facts and ideas for teacher use. 32-pages, softcover.