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This workbook is part of The Talking, Feeling, & Doing Collection, it is a must-have for practitioners. It includes tools for professionals who are working in therapeutic situations with children. Based on the technique of mutual storytelling, these highly developed tools help elicit responses from kids that will serve as a point of departure for meaningful psycho-therapeutic exchanges. It offers kids a non-threatening opportunity to express themselves and begin to address their concerns. This workbook is a fresh approach to helping counsellors reach children.

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SKU: 9781588150646 - 99 Categories: , Tag: NDIS approved: Yes Ages: 6 - 12 Author: Lawrence E. Shapiro Publisher: Childswork/Childsplay Page count: 108 ISBN: 9781588150646 Publish date: 38808 Language: English

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The 75 activities cover 25 of the most common topics that concern kids from such as: Divorce Teasing Lying Being left out of a group Anger Values The activities in this unique workbook can be played as a reward-based game. Each topic has three activities created for it. The first are simple questions that prompt discussion about the topic. The second activity involves storytelling and the third involves a collaborative drawing between therapist and child. During each of the activities, he/she can cash in his chips for prizes, treats or privileges. Includes: CD-ROM for reproducing the workbook activities easily Spinner, which prompts children to tell a story, talk about their feelings, draw a picture, or act out a scenario.

Grades: 1-5

Ages: 6-10