Teacher Leadership Pack

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Teacher leadership holds great promise for improving the quality of teaching and ensuring student success. While leaders may desire or have been told that they must put certain structures into place in order to enhance their leadership capabilities, they may not know exactly what structures are needed, or the skills that are required for implementation. We have put together these resources to assist with this.

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Product overview

The Teacher Leadership Pack includes:

Demonstrating Student Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios – Replete with real-life examples, this book is essential reading for principals who want to take their schools to the next level, and for teachers who want a refreshing and sensible approach to assessment.

The Best Class You Never Taught – The Spider Web Discussion is a simple technique that puts this kind of class within every teacher’s reach. The name comes from the weblike diagram the observer makes to record interactions as students actively participate in the discussion, lead and support one another’s learning, and build community.

Coherent School Leadership – Will show you how to combine the components of Michael Fullan’s Coherence Framework (the Framework) with Kirtman’s 7 Competencies for Highly Effective Leaders (The Competencies) to drive coherence—the shared depth of understanding about the nature of the work and how it impacts the results desired for student achievement—to change the culture in schools from reactive to proactive.

Educational Coaching: A Partnership for Problem Solving – whether math, literacy, instructional, or curriculum coaches—vary in the content of the work they do and in the grade range of the teachers with whom they work. But “good coaching is good coaching,” as coaching expert Cathy A. Toll affirms in this, her newest book. All coaches seek to help solve problems and increase teacher success, and they all depend on effective collaboration to do so.

Leading In Sync: Teacher Leaders and Principals Working Together for Student Learning – provides principals, assistant principals, coaches, department leaders, grade-level and content team leaders, mentors, professional development leaders, and in fact all teachers with the strategies and tools needed to

  • Examine their own thinking about what constitutes high-quality teaching so they can work toward a shared vision.
  • Identify teachers’ many strengths as potential assets for achieving the shared vision.
  • Recognize ways in which most teachers are already leading.
  • Support leadership collaboration through efficient, effective communication.
  • Develop trust required to learn to lead together.