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Teens – Positive Thoughts + Affirmations = Positive Actions Workbook and Card Deck

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This workbook is for facilitators to help teens become aware of how positive thoughts and affirmations lead to positive actions.  Facilitators can use the fully reproducible activities in this workbook to provide teens with three types of “take-away skills” – Conditions and Behaviour, Frequency and Duration, and Accomplishment.

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SKU: 9781570253409 - 44 Categories: , NDIS approved: Yes Ages: 13 - 18 Author: Ester R.A. Leutenberg and Carol Butler, MS Ed, RN, C Illustrator: Amy L. Brodsky, LISW-S Publisher: Whole Person Associates Page count: 134 ISBN: 9781570253409

Product overview

Take-away-skill statements for each activity may be used in educational and/or treatment planning, and also used to measure progress toward goals. These skills promote real life outcomes and behavioral changes.

Whether we realize it or not, we talk to ourselves, all the time, every day. What we say affects how we see ourselves, others, and the world. Self-talk affects our emotions and actions. It may sound simple, but, we can change our thoughts and change our lives.

The activities in this workbook will help teens:

  • Decide what they want to believe about themselves.
  • Picture their beliefs.
  • Develop positive traits.
  • Navigate obstacles.
  • Re-program negative thoughts.
  • Live life enthusiastically.
  • Determine their future.
  • Take possible actions.

The eight chapters in this workbook include:

  1. Affirmations
  2. Traits/Qualities
  3. Challenges
  4. Thought Re-programming
  5. Enthusiasm
  6. Self-Determination
  7. Positive Actions
  8. Recap

Teens – Positive Thoughts + Affirmations = Positive Actions Card Deck

Use the open-ended questions on the cards to break the ice and encourage discussion.  Each question corresponds to a page in the book.

Sample Questions:

If you had an affirmation that “spoke to you” where would you put it so you could see it several times a day?

How does forgiving something that happened in the past affect the present?

Does your life seem more like a rippling stream or Niagara Falls? Explain.

Sample Pages