The Complete Guide to Becoming an Autism Friendly Professional

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Based on the award-winning Autism Friendly Training Program, created by the non-profit organization STARS for Autism, this book empowers the everyday professional to a better understanding and skill in working with, interacting with, serving, and teaching children and adults who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
After a thorough explanation of ASD and how it affects children, adults, families, and communities, this guide describes the Autism Friendly Training Program and gives the reader insight into what it means to become autism friendly and to be an autism friendly training presenter. This text will enable those who are neurotypical to gain insight into the person, the stories, and the lives of those with ASD. It is a guide to understanding autism at a deeper level to enable relationship and support processes that define being autism friendly.
Providing the needed information, tools, and confidence to be autism friendly, this book will be beneficial to any and all businesses, organizations, groups, communities, families, and individuals who work with, serve, interact with, teach, parent, and experience life with an autistic person.

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