The Meditation and Mindfulness Edge

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Becoming a Sharper, Healthier, and Happier Teacher

Teachers juggle a lot, so the ability to stay focused, calm, and mentally sharp is critical. This generous and heartfelt book shows you how meditation and mindfulness practices can enable you to not only survive, but to flourish in the classroom. Dr. Lisa Klein presents powerful findings on the effects of meditation on teachers. She reveals the positive effects meditation had on her and own career in education. She also shares personal stories that demonstrate how meditation may offer a balm to help teachers stay healthy mentally and physically while tapping into higher levels of awareness, including experiences of self-actualization and synchronicity. In addition, she offers practical, simple strategies for developing both teacher presence and shifting to a more positive classroom energy. This powerful book moves beyond basic self-care tools to help you develop a new, lifelong practice. Anyone involved in education can benefit from this book, as can anyone interested in learning more about how meditation can help with health and well-being in general.

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