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The Successful Team-Building Workbook and Card Deck

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The Successful Team-Building Workbook helps discover why some people are excellent members of a team while others are unable to function effectively in this environment. It includes two powerful psychological tools for team building: self-assessment and journaling. Professionals will find the book includes ready-to-use materials to enhance the level of achievement of all team members.

Need a creative way to start your session? Use the Successful Team-Building Card Deck. The open-ended questions will break the ice and stimulate conversation. Use them alone or in conjunction with the corresponding page in the book.

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Product overview

Team building refers to a process of establishing and developing a sense of collaboration, open communication, and trust among team members. The five sections of the workbook help participants recognise the unique strengths and weaknesses of themselves as well as other team members. They will learn skills for building, maintaining, and motivating a cohesive team.

• Team player helps individuals determine how effective they will be in working with other people as part of a team.
• Team roles help individuals identify the skills they possess and how these skills affect the role or roles they will play as part of a team.
• Team personalities help individuals identify their personality type and allow the team to harmonise personality types for effective team collaboration.
• Team leadership helps individuals explore how successful they would be in being a leader of a team.
• Team communication helps individuals identify how effective they are in sending feedback to team members and receiving feedback from team members.

These sections serve as avenues for individual self-reflection, as well as for group experiences revolving around identified topics of importance. Each assessment includes directions for easy administration, scoring, and interpretation. Sections include exploratory activities, reflective journaling exercises, and educational handouts to help participants discover their habitual, ineffective efforts working as part of a team, and to explore new ways to contribute to team success.

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