Traffic Signs for Early Learning Road Safety (Set of 6)

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Excellent for road safety, traffic awareness or just looking for something different for role play. Easy to assemble and pack away. Can be used indoors and outside.
Set includes 6 signs

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SKU: 200324 - 83 Category: Ages: 0 - 5

Product overview

Teaching road safety becomes engaging and interactive with our Traffic Signs Set. This set is designed to help children recognise and understand the meaning of actual road signs, thereby equipping them with vital knowledge for their future as responsible pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.

Each set includes a variety of common road signs, carefully replicated to match real-world examples. The signs are lightweight and easy to assemble, making them ideal for indoor use, whether in a classroom setting or at home for practical learning.

The stop sign, a crucial symbol in traffic regulation, stands approximately 70cm high, clearly visible for demonstration and interactive activities. Despite being lightweight, all signs are made from durable materials to withstand regular handling by children.

Incorporating this Traffic Signs Set into a child’s learning regime not only promotes awareness of road safety from an early age but also offers an interactive method to teach this crucial subject. The signs can be used to create realistic traffic scenarios, allowing children to learn about road rules in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Material: Lightweight Durable Material
  • Set Includes: Various Road Signs
  • Individual Sign Size: Stop Sign Measures Approximately 70cm High