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Understanding Eating Disorders Pack

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Eating Disorders come with a complicated set of issues including, trauma, depression, abuse, and the media. To educate healthcare clinicians on how to best to treat and acquire a detailed eating disorder history we have created the Understanding Eating Disorders Pack.

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Product overview

The Understanding Eating Disorders Pack includes:

Understanding Teen Eating Disorders – Warning Signs, Treatment Options, and Stories of Courage – introduces readers to common teen eating disorder scenarios, their warning signs, and treatment options. Each chapter examines a teen or tween and brings the factors, whether they be environmental, genetic, co-existing conditions, etc. that contribute to his or her eating disorder, to life, while seamlessly integrating the latest research in gene inheritance, brain chemistry, and eating disorders in accessible, reader-friendly language.

Taking a Detailed Eating Disorder History – describes the vast permutations and possible combinations of over 100 eating disorder behaviours as well as their connections to emotional and social triggers. Readers will also gain a stronger understanding of complicating factors related to eating disorders, such as diabetes, pregnancy, inflammatory bowel disease, and metabolic disorders, as well as drug and alcohol use, difficult relationships, and emotional strife.

Binge Eating Disorder – The Journey to Recovery and Beyond – Accessible for both treatment providers and patients alike, this unique volume aims to explore BED treatment and recovery from both sides of the process while also providing a resource for structuring treatment and building effective interventions. This practical road-map to understanding, resilience, and lasting change will be useful for anyone working clinically with or close to individuals suffering from BED, as well as those on the recovery journey.

Eating Disorders – The Journey to Recovery Workbook, 2nd Edition – helps those struggling with eating disorders in their recovery, guiding the reader through a greater consideration of body image, compulsive exercising, and personal and societal relationships based on Prochaska’s Stages of Change Theory. The workbook explores complicated issues having a direct effect on the eating disorder, including trauma, depression, abuse, and the media. Updated to include the acknowledgement of binge eating disorder, selective eating, and avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), this second edition encourages self-paced learning and practice adjunct to one-on-one and group therapy from two seasoned clinicians in the treatment of eating disorders.

Age: Teens and Adults