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You’re Hired! Board Game – Revised Edition

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You’re Hired!® helps students learn important skills in the job search process, especially filling out applications and interviewing. Players in the game play the role of the employer. They evaluate job applications and interview the job candidates. In order to win the game, players have to think critically and evaluate each candidate’s strengths and limitations in relation to the demands of the job.

In the process of making these decisions, players will look for and find positive actions, as well as problems and mistakes that applicants make, both in filling out the application and in the interview. The players will then reject the applicants who have made the mistakes or who have serious limitations. In the post-game discussion, the teacher encourages the students to explain why they hired or rejected the various applicants. In this way the students come up with the important points. The students realize that if they, as employers, wouldn’t hire someone for a certain reason, then they are likely not to be hired if they, themselves, make the same mistake! You’re Hired!® is a great opportunity for students to learn important concepts for themselves. It is an effective and cost efficient way to learn vital job search skills, and it’s FUN.

Grade 9 – adult

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