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Play is an essential part of a child’s early development. It’s not just about having fun; play is how children explore their world, develop crucial skills, and ignite their imaginations. That’s why creating a stimulating and engaging play space for early years is vital. The Brainary, a trusted name in educational resources, is excited to introduce its new range of innovative products designed to enhance play spaces for young learners

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This beautiful large wooden abacus is a great way to teach children about counting, colours, patterns and more. Brightly coloured wooden beads that slide smoothly on high quality wooden rods as little fingers move them back and forth to develop intellectual and motor skills.

Why is it important to create a play space?

Creating a play space for children is not only important but also fundamental for their development. Play is a child’s natural way of exploring the world, learning new concepts, and developing essential skills.

Here are key points to consider when you’re planning a play space.

Sensory Touch & Match Board
  • Learning Through Play: Play is how children learn. It helps them understand cause and effect, develop problem-solving skills, and grasp complex ideas. By creating a designated play space, you provide them with opportunities to learn in a fun and engaging manner. 

ProTip: Tailor the play space to the child’s age and developmental stage. Offer age-appropriate toys and activities that challenge but don’t frustrate them.

  • Stimulates Imagination: Play spaces are where imaginations run wild. Whether it’s building a fort, acting out scenarios, or creating artwork, play encourages children to think creatively and use their imaginations. 

ProTip: Include a variety of activities that stimulate different senses and skills. Incorporate art supplies, building blocks, puzzles, books, and outdoor play equipment.


Large Light Box Resource Kit
  • Promotes Social Skills: Play spaces often encourage social interaction. When children play together, they learn important social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and communication. These skills are crucial for forming relationships and navigating the world. 

ProTips: Whenever possible, design the play space to receive natural light. It creates a more inviting and cheerful environment. Also, provide comfortable seating for caregivers or parents to join in the play or observe. This encourages interaction and bonding. 

  • Enhances Physical Development: Physical play, like climbing, running, and jumping, is essential for developing motor skills, strength, and coordination. A well-designed play space can facilitate these activities safely. 

ProTips: Include interactive elements like educational posters, learning charts, or a chalkboard for educational play. If you have outdoor space, create an outdoor play area with age-appropriate equipment like swings, slides, and sandboxes.


Rainbow Architect Shapes Set
  • Boosts Cognitive Development: Play is mentally stimulating. It helps with cognitive development by improving memory, attention span, and problem-solving abilities. Many educational toys and games are designed for play spaces to support cognitive growth. 

ProTip: Periodically rotate toys and activities to keep the play space fresh and exciting. This prevents children from getting bored with the same toys.

  • Provides a Safe Environment: A designated play area ensures that children play in a safe and controlled environment. It minimises potential hazards and allows parents or caregivers to supervise play effectively.

ProTip: Prioritise safety by ensuring that all toys and equipment are in good condition and free from choking hazards. Keep the play space organised and clutter-free. Use storage solutions like bins, shelves, and toy chests to maintain order and make it easy for children to access and put away toys. Childproof the play space by covering electrical outlets, securing heavy furniture, and using soft materials on hard surfaces.


Remember that we can help you to create a play space and it can be as simple as a corner of a room with a few well-chosen toys or a backyard with a swing set. The key is to create an environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and learning through play with The Brainary new range.

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Large Rubberwood shapes with brightly coloured sensory centres containing beads, transparent acrylic, coloured sand, and water/glitter filled pockets in 4 different shapes (square, rectangle, triangle and semi-circle) and promote observation in the wider sense.

Check Out The New Early Years Range

Let’s explore how our new range products can transform your early years setting into a dynamic learning environment.

The Brainary’s new range of products offers a diverse and exciting set of resources to engage and educate young minds. These innovative products provide valuable tools for fostering creativity, confidence, sensory exploration, eco-consciousness, and early literacy in children.

Billy Kidz, Exploring Creativity! 

Billy Kidz range is all about inspiring creativity in young minds. These products encourage children to explore their artistic side through activities like drawing, painting, and crafting. With vibrant colours and child-friendly materials, Billy Kidz products make learning through creativity a joyful experience. 

Blue Ribbon, Building Confidence! 

Blue Ribbon products focus on building confidence and fine motor skills. From building blocks to puzzles, these resources challenge young learners to think critically, problem-solve, and develop their hand-eye coordination. These early educational toys are the perfect foundation for future learning.

Tickit, Sensory Exploration!

Tickit offers a wide variety of sensory exploration tools. Sensory play is essential for early childhood development as it stimulates various senses and helps with cognitive growth. The Brainary’s Tickit range includes tactile toys, sensory lights, and more, providing endless opportunities for discovery and learning. 

Wonderworld, Eco-Conscious Play!

Wonderworld products are not only fun but also eco-conscious. They are made from sustainable materials, promoting environmental awareness from a young age. These toys encourage children to connect with nature and develop an appreciation for our planet.

Yellow Door, Early Literacy Adventures! 

Yellow Door specialises in early literacy resources. Their products are designed to spark a love for reading and storytelling. From interactive books to storytelling sets, they help children develop essential language skills while having fun.

Explore The Brainary’s new range today to transform your early years setting into a hub of educational play and discovery.

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