The Brainary and Digital Teaching and Learning Victoria (DLTV) are proud to be industry partners again in 2020. Due to COVID 19 we missed DigiCon/ACCE 2020, one of our favourite conferences, but during the break we have been busy working with DLTV to support educators navigating the challenges of remote learning.

Our STEM expert, Sam Kingsley recently presented on Robotics and the Digital Technologies Curriculum with DLTV’s DigiTech expert, Nathan Alison. Alongside this great webinar, you’ll find excellent webinars on everything DigiTech at DLTV’s YouTube channel and they’re all free! 

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Not a Member? DLTV are offering free membership and DigiTech Community Grants. So, if you’ve got your eyes on STEM Technology Kevin and the team at DLTV can help you make it a reality! 

You can sign up here.