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Ginger Tiger is the largest online educational platform for special needs learners. The activities are uniquely designed to be 100% accessible to all types of special needs learners. All activities aim to successfully help special needs learners both learn and retain information across multiple subject areas.


Ginger Tiger is suitable for students with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities, specific learning disabilities, multiple disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, blindness and visual impairments, developmental delays, deafness and hearing impairments, mental delays, and speech and language impairments. Ginger Tiger’s activities are also accessible on a variety of platforms: Eyegaze Edge, TAPit, iPad, Android tablets, Switches, augmentative communication devices, SMARTboard and Digital Nursery.




The activities cover the essential fields of:

Cause & Effect activities help the student to link cause and effect, while getting reinforcing feedback. Cause & Effect activities are also the foundation of computer use. Skills such as the use of specialised input devices and eye-hand coordination are developed in these activities.

Basic Skills are the foundation of learning reading, writing and math. The enjoyable games develop skills such as object and colour identification, sorting and visual memory.

The Timing section contains humorous activities that develop timing, impulsivity moderation, concentration and attention improvement. Timing activities are essential for single switch users and serve as a good starting point for learning and computer use.

The Math section contains arithmetic studies from pre-math level to second grade level via engaging games. The activities are highly effective and supportive for early stage math students due to their unique game structure and clean unobtrusive screens and objects.

The Speech & Language package serves as a foundation for verbal communication, auditory and linguistic skills. Students practice subjects such as following verbal orders, auditory memory concepts and definitions.

The Language Arts section encourages students to explore and learn through fun games with letters and words, early reading and writing steps and phonological awareness.


Ginger Tiger Special Needs Software


The site is fully focused on the needs of special education users and keeps the games simple, clean and has a low stimulation screen design. The content and engaging graphic interface relate to the children’s known environment and everyday lives. The organisation of the games makes the selection of appropriate activities easy and timely. There is also a wide variety of options, including selecting the background and foreground colours or making the cursor bigger or smaller, which is amazing for students with visual impairments as well as cognitive impairments.


There is something for everyone. The variety of educational games available also come with escalating difficulty levels and a level setting system for teachers and parents to adapt the activities based on the student’s progress and abilities. Games immediately provide feedback for example, a student who had a big break-through of “getting” cause/effect, only had to touch three things in the “Catch Me” game before children came on the screen and started clapping and cheering. That immediate feedback and errorless learning is exactly what students need.


Last week I put Ginger Tiger on my SMARTboard (big touchscreen interactive board my classroom has if you’re not familiar with it) and my kindergarten student had a MAJOR ta-da! moment! All of a sudden, he figured out “oh! if I tap this ball, it’ll bounce” or “If I touch this car, the car will go!” I cried. I was SOO proud of him. I wholeheartedly believe that we would not have gotten to that place had it not been for Ginger Tiger. I then put the program on his iPad to see if we could teach finger isolation (because he would just use his entire hand to try and navigate through different apps) and ta-da! low and behold, my kiddo isolated his pointer finger and was playing “Catch me” and “touch & look”. I tell all my special education teacher friends about this site. It completely changed my world!

Raqual Carlson

k-6 Functional Special Education Teacher, Logan Elementary



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Overall Ginger Tiger students will develop their creative abilities while being more engaged in their learning!


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