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Girls score the same in maths and science as boys, but higher in arts – this may be why they are less likely to pick STEM careers

Last month, the Australian Academy of Science published a report showing the COVID-19 pandemic would disproportionately affect women in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) disciplines. Read more


Women in engineering day myth busters

From suits and high heels to hijabs and yes, even the odd hardhat, what women in engineering wear to work is as varied as the careers in engineering. This women in engineering day we asked some engineers what they love about their jobs and what myths and stereotypes they’d like to bust. Read more


Robotics engineer Katrina Lo Sourdo

Katrina Lo Surdo, electrical and computer engineer in the robotics and autonomous systems group at CSIRO’s Data61, is one of the helping the robots to perform. A University of Queensland graduate, Katrina says she has landed her “dream job” at Data61. Read more


Funexpected maths game created with UC Berkeley

The developer’s games seek to teach complex maths concepts via a beautiful interface, all underpinned by educational research. Funexpected has released its new game Tenrec which aims to help children, aged between 3-7 years old, to understand the concept of ratio through physical experiences, such as hand movements, leading to an understanding of fractions and percentages. Read more