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Why girls are less likely to pursue a career in STEM — even though they score just as high as boys at school

Last month, the Australian Academy of Science published a report showing the COVID-19 pandemic would disproportionately affect women in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) disciplines. Read more

Teaching with YouTube 01: Equipment

What kind of equipment can teachers use to record lessons for students to access online? Here’s a guide to the “ingredients” I use when making videos for YouTube: the gear that I’ve learned to use over the years when filming my classes.

Three regional schools are the latest to benefit from STEM industry school partnership program

Three local hub high schools – Corrimal, Warrawong and Lake Illawarra High – have become the latest regional facilities to offer students new opportunities for STEM learning under the NSW Department of Education’s STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) Program. Read more


How teachers’ self-fulfilling prophecies, known as The Pygmalion Effect, influence students’ success

Most perceptions of students’ educational success are focussed on the students’ personal qualities (perseverance, self-efficacy, work ethic, goal setting, grit, resilience, intelligence, social and emotional stability, enthusiasm, creativity etc.) but there are other factors at play in this recipe. In our paper on The Matthew Effect (Boyd & MacNeill, 2020), the authors examined how various external factors enhanced some students’ educational options. Interestingly, teachers’ beliefs in the form of self-fulfilling prophecies, which have been labelled The Pygmalion Effect, can also be a game changer in selected students’ educational options. Read more