MiRo robot looks and behaves like a playful puppy but under that cute exterior is a hardworking and versatile companion robot. This new project involves Curtin University’s robotics team coding MiRo to be the ideal companion for aged care residents who have in the past responded positively to the emotionally engaging social robot pet.

These MiRo coding capabilities are also ideal STEM projects for school classrooms and libraries. They encourage STEM education learning and show students how coding and robotics have practical and positive applications in the workplace. They are excellent real world coding exercises for students who are considering future jobs in STEM.

The potential for helping aged care residents ranges from personal care to entertainment. Examples of what MiRo may be coded to do for this innovative project includes:

  • Greet people when they enter a room
  • Be a chat box and have conversations
  • Let residents know what is on the menu for the day
  • Provide a weather report
  • Alert staff with fall detection abilities
  • Detect anxiety levels in residents
  • Provide calming activities and distractions
  • Play communication games, and a lot more!

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