KIOSC’s Robotics Program accentuates the importance of communication and critical thinking for young people to harness their potential to create change and solve problems faced by humanity.

In partnership with The Brainary, KIOSC currently delivers face-to-face robotics workshops for partner school students from the Knox area. To date, students from Rowville Secondary College and Bayswater Secondary College have participated in the program at KIOSC so far, and plans are in place to deliver the program across the year.

The program consists of pre-workshop learning, where the content is laid out in a scaffolded manner in the KIOSC Learning Management System (LMS). Through the implementation of this LMS, students are able to access content and gain an understanding of the hands-on activities that they are expected to do when they attended the face-to-face session. Students are also introduced to key terminology and coding language, which support them to successfully complete the challenge.