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Tackling communication challenges with the Wordless Picture Books & Guides!

Wordless Picture Books & Guide


There are so many ways that we communicate with each other, through voice, signing, body language and facial expression. Of course, not everyone communicates in the same way either and for some, communicating what they want, how they feel or their beliefs can be harder.


Speech, language and communication needs, or SLCN, is the umbrella term used to describe the range of difficulties faced by some when it comes to communication. Children with SLCN may find difficulty with:


  • Saying longer words
  • Combining different sounds in words
  • Telling the difference between sounds
  • Articulation


There are lots of reasons why children may have SLCN and each of them means they need support from parents, peers, teachers and therapists to overcome these challenges. Some ways to help children with SLCN are:


  • Read with them! Literacy and language are related
  • Talk to your children and encourage them to imitate the sounds you’re making
  • When speaking to children with SLCN, keep speech simple and set a good example for them by avoiding ‘baby talk’
  • Using different games and books to support speech and language development



The Wordless Picture Books & Guide by Kulvinder Kaur, is a great resource for parents, teachers and therapists to engage children in managing their SCLN. This series of books helps kids to develop their expressive sentence and narrative skills through learning to tell each story. These books contain familiar scenes which mean the stories are relatable and simple to understand for their readers. The two levels mean that the child learns with the picture books, advancing as they go along.


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