According to McKinsey (2020) 88% of businesses worldwide plan to adopt robotic automation into their infrastructure. “Humanoids in Society” program at Wyndham Tech School (WTS) focuses on preparing students for robotic futures with hands-on experience using advanced technologies.

JD Robot

The program articulates the importance of creativity and critical thinking for young people to harness their potential to create change and solve problems faced by humanity.

In partnership with The Brainary, WTS undertook to deliver online workshops at the height of the Melbourne 2020 lock down. Sessions ran weekly with six high schools and over 100 robots out in the community. The focus; to build coding skills. WTS also held guided drop-in sessions for students to collaborate and troubleshoot with peers.

During this online program, students explored ways to use a JD humanoid robot in a hospital context. The robots were programmed by students to be used as a receptionist at the hospital. The robots were trained to recognise and respond to individuals arriving at the hospital, and direct them to the appropriate ward.

Now, in 2021, students are reimagining what human societies will look like in 100 years. Most importantly, they’re considering how humans will use robots on Mars. The students are incorporating movement, speech and image recognition to mimic life on Mars. They consider tasks like travelling with messages or supplies and performing autonomous tasks based on the needs of the people in their Mars base.

JD Robot

In the future, students from Wyndham Tech’s 34 partner schools in Melbourne’s West can look forward to designing innovative solutions for a variety of future automation contexts. Applications as diverse as childhood education, smart factories, healthcare, or even replacing humans in dangerous environments can be achieved using robot’s multifaceted capabilities and the innovation of our youth.

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