Inclusive Teaching in a Nutshell

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Rachel Cosgrove

Product Overview

A Visual Guide for Busy Teachers

Inclusive Teaching in a Nutshell is a visual, easy-to-read and honest guide for teachers who are looking for practical ways to adapt their teaching to meet the needs of all pupils. It provides a useful framework for thinking about inclusion and pupil engagement and encourages the reader to reflect on their classroom approaches. It explains how to provide an inclusive environment and ethos and offers straightforward explanations of common barriers to learning and how these may present in the classroom.

Packed with ideas for every age group and designed to be easy to access and use, the book spans eight key themes, covering topics such as lesson planning, classroom environment, assessment and feedback, and much more. Each section includes:

explanations in accessible, digestible language
a range of tried-and-tested strategies that teachers can adopt to improve pupil engagement and progress
a summary of key content via one-page visual prompts.
The book is an ideal scaffold for teachers working in any setting who want to personalise their approaches in the classroom and make the school experience of vulnerable learners more positive.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting the scene

Chapter 2: It’s all in the planning

Chapter 3: It’s all in the classroom

Chapter 4: Accessible assessment and feedback

Chapter 5: Outside the classroom

Chapter 6: Working with parents and carers

Chapter 7: Strategies for learners-the nuts and bolts

Chapter 8: Staff energy



Rachel Cosgrove studied Zoology before training as a teacher and has taught in primary, special and secondary schools. She is a hugely experienced secondary SENCo and Assistant Head Teacher and now works as an independent education consultant supporting schools with inclusive approaches and developing and delivering training in schools and other organisations. She works closely with Oxfordshire Virtual School for Looked After Children and is also an associate consultant for nasen. Her primary aim is to take the mystery out of inclusive teaching.

"A powerful resource - written with passion and clarity. A must read for all classroom teachers and leaders supporting those new to teaching."

Tommy Lee, Assistant Head, Wallingford School.

"Inclusive teaching 101 from the expert in her field. This is a must read for all primary teachers and leaders regardless of experience'"

Matt Green, Head Teacher, Southfield Primary School.

"This is a book for all teachers and school leaders. Teachers often feel overwhelmed by rising numbers of pupils with significant need in every classroom. Cosgrove recognises the pressures faced by teachers and offers practical ideas to trial as well as encouraging self-reflection for teachers. Strategies are presented in variety of ways to suit the busy lifestyles of every teacher. Absolutely a must-read to include all our children in the classroom and school community!"

Michelle Johnson, Headteacher Oxfordshire Virtual School for Looked After Children and Care Leavers, 0-25.

"This book is an essential addition to the library of anyone serious about putting education theory into practice. Teachers need direct guidance on how to apply current thinking in the classroom context without having to first spend time deciphering unnecessarily complicated jargon. A very welcome and timely publication."

Matthew Abrighton, Deputy Head of St Edwards School Oxford.

"I absolutely love this book! It is perfect for teachers and for ITE students too. The topics covered are just right and the text is so accessible for busy teachers."

Michele Moore, SFHEA, Programme Lead National Award for SEN Coordination, Manchester Metropolitan University.

"This is a book about how to teach so that all children can learn. Read it from cover to cover or delve in for clearly illustrated tips and ideas. It has children at the heart of every page."

Jane Harrison, Speech and Language Therapist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

"Inclusive Teaching in a Nutshell is full of ideas and practical suggestions for all teachers to help include all learners in their classrooms. The ideas range from quick and easy adaptions to more sustained suggestions for change, presented in different ways. The author has drawn on many years of working with both learners who have struggled in the classroom and teachers who want to make their teaching more inclusive to develop this key resource. The book is both accessible and practical and this combination makes this a book that will benefit all teachers, and more importantly, their students."

Jenni Ingram and Jason Todd, Department of Education, University of Oxford.

"With this excellent guide, new and experienced teachers alike can develop their approach to inclusive teaching. The practical and accessible format is perfect for busy teachers and provides a pathway from the basics of inclusive teaching through to the more sophisticated strategies. Rachel Cosgrove’s depth of expertise in relation to inclusive teaching clearly shines through with her first-hand experience of what works eloquently woven through the various special educational needs that learners may have."

Adam Boddison, Chief Executive (nasen) and Chair of Whole School SEND Consortium.


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