Stuttering: Power Over It

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A liberating and empowering self-help program

We can see earth, we can see individual countries, we can even see individual states, suburbs, and houses. But we still cannot see inside the house known as stuttering. Dale F. Williams, Ph.D., takes us on special journey inside his house of stuttering and shows what it is like to grow up as a person who stutters, eventually claiming power over it. For those adults who stutter and are looking for a self-help program focused on liberation and empowerment, this is the workbook for you.

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Note to Readers

This story represents a crossing from identification to acceptance, a journey of personal growth designed to liberate oneself from the bounds of stuttering. Presented here is a means of confronting stuttering and letting go of feelings that have held you back. Many have been controlled far too long by this mysterious condition and are looking for a way to turn the tables and live a full life. This workbook is here to help.

If you’re a person who stutters, it is hoped that the journey within these pages can help you find a sense of confidence and security about your speech, to be able to say what you want to say when you want to say it, even if you sometimes stutter.  Your thoughts are as important as anyone else’s and, therefore, need to be heard.

If you’re a speech-language pathologist, I hope this story can provide you with a resource to help navigate those tricky emotional and attitudinal aspects of treatment.  I have a mental image of therapists assigning clients a chapter or two at a time for discussion during a later session. Of course, you know your clients and I don’t, so any differences you make to that plan are undoubtedly the correct ones. Regardless of your role in the process, I hope you enjoy the story of an ordinary man and an unwanted companion you will all recognise.


I loved reading this book! The author provides an insider’s view of the impact stuttering. He implements a clever transition from one experience to the next. It was almost like reading a science ction book, but about stuttering! Dr. Williams’ personal and poignant reections of his life experiences as a person who stutters lend  themselves to the thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter. Dr. Williams has organized his expe- riences in a fashion that illustrates the process of moving from avoidance (and the limiting eects of stuttering) to one of acceptance. People who stutter are bound to empathize with the author who so willingly shares many embarrassing and painful moments, along with triumphant ones. This book is a good adjunct to therapy and for use as a means of discovering one’s relationship to stuttering. Students in the eld of speech-language pathology will also benet by reading this book. I want this book for my clients and students!

Charlie Osborne

Clinical Associate Professor

University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

This workbook provides the clinician an extremely valuable tool to introduce and guide the adult who stutters through the process of acceptance. It also provides the clinician with an opportunity to discuss feelings and attitudes by reviewing the individual chapters included in the workbook. I am so grateful to Dr. Dale Williams for his insight and his ability to beautifully present characters and situations that will allow each adult who stutters the chance to carefully assess where that individual is in the process of acceptance.

Lizanne P. Blake, CCC-SLP, BCS-F

Speech-Language Pathologist

Board Certified Specialist – Fluency

“Dale’s workbook is exceptionally well done. He encompasses all aspects of the stuttering experience! I really appreciate how the format unpacks the underlying emotions that often exacerbate stuttering. Dale drew out my answers. His step-by-step guide enabled me to turn around and face my stuttering head on.  Excellent work Dale! Thank you for this life changing publication!

Tom Scharstein,

Chairman of the Board, World Stuttering Network

Former Adult Programs Chair, National Stuttering Association

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