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The Power of Listening

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The Power of Listening is an educational game that uses a movie theme to teach young people specific skills that will help them to become good listeners. Players learn six listening skills and four aspects of listening for verbal and non-verbal cues, such as tone of voice and body language. Players learn to focus on the feeling of the speaker as well as the content of what the speaker says. As guidance, there are twenty-four stars with feeling words on the game board. The six skills and four categories of cues are also on the game board.

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Product overview

Simply put, there is nothing, nothing in the world that can take the place of one person intentionally listening or speaking to another

– Jacob Needleman, Philosopher and Author.


The six listening skills are:

  • Focus on the speaker
  • Show you are listening
  • Listen and watch for cues
  • Listen for feeling and content
  • Ask questions if necessary
  • Wait your turn and respond.

There are four kinds of cards: Movie Cards contain a few lines from a fictitious movie and the feeling that should be conveyed when reading the lines. When picking a Movie Card, players act out the lines on the card while trying to convey the feeling listed on the card. Other players pick Listening Cards, which ask them to figure out the feeling, summarise the content, identify cues, etc. How Can You Tell? Cards ask players to name or identify specific cues, such as sarcasm or body language. Finally, True-False Cards cover various aspects of listening, reinforcing the skills learned in the game. A Teacher’s Guide with complete lesson plans and questions for discussion is included. Teachers and counsellors are amazed how much players improve their listening skills during the play of the game.

Players: 2-6 players (more with team play)

Age Level: Grades 4 – 7