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Attention & Listening Skills Class Pack

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What is communication without listeners?

Children are rapidly being distracted with information overload. In doing so, their listening and comprehension abilities suffer, with negative consequences for learning and academic achievement. Teaching and reinforcing listening, attention and thinking skills is one excellent remedy.

The Attention & Listening Skills Class Pack utilises game-play involving all five human senses to teach these important skills.

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Product overview

This excellent class pack includes:

The Power of Listening – Class Set (4 games) is an educational game that uses a movie theme to teach young people specific skills that will help them to become good listeners. Players learn six listening skills and four aspects of listening for verbal and non-verbal cues, such as tone of voice and body language. Players learn to focus on the feeling of the speaker as well as the content of what the speaker says.

Attention Games for the Classroom – contains a collection of games and activities designed to strengthen children’s attention and thinking skills, and to help them learn more effectively. It enables teachers and parents to address sustained attention, continuous performance, selective attention, working memory, rule learning, cognitive flexibility, and sequential planning. The book also provides explanations of the different brain functions and the behaviour they control, and offers some useful tips for calming children down.

Grades: Primary