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Join My Group

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Join My Group is a highly effective educational game designed to teach important cooperative learning skills in a fun and engaging manner. Although the game is a simulation, the competition is real, and players are forced to make important decisions regarding the value of problem solving suggestions. Students also experience the same frustrations experienced in real groups when fellow group members hinder the progress of the group.

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Product overview

The game deals with both the problem solving and interpersonal aspects of participating in cooperative learning and other groups. Players in the game are members of a group that is working on a group project. During the Game, players will be helped or hindered by the other members of their group. These other members are fictitious students who are assigned to the players’ group by dealing out cards with their names on them. These actions by the fictitious group members are contained on the Action Cards.

The behaviours on the cards are the real behaviours, both positive and negative, that students exhibit in real group settings. The players can replace bad group members at certain points in the game. Players will also have to evaluate suggestions that members of their group make. They will have to decide whether they are good or bad suggestions. If they decide correctly, they will benefit from the good suggestions and not be hindered by the bad suggestions. These suggestions are on the Suggestion Cards. The suggestions deal with the real issues that the students will face in the actual groups in which they will participate. During the post-game discussion, the teacher acts as a discussion leader, encouraging the students to use their experience in the game to discuss positive actions and pitfalls in group efforts.

Players: 2-5 players (more with team play)

Grades: 4 – 8 (and high interest material for older special needs students).