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Group and Leadership Development Pack

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No doubt you are aware that groups can be significantly more productive than individuals. And more than ever, group and leadership skills have become a priority for schools.

Like leadership, these important skills need to be learned and children require ongoing assistance to grow and develop these necessary skills. Knowing that they are not always easy to teach, we have assembled a range of excellent resources to help teachers achieve these goals.

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Product overview

The Group and Leadership Development Pack includes:

Join My Group – is a highly effective educational game designed to teach important cooperative learning skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Visual Metaphors – Photocard Toolkit – a superb collection of 56 stunning images used in conjunction with a range of tasks specifically designed to stimulate thought and build ideas for participants and groups.

Productive Group Work – How to Engage Students, Build Teamwork and Promote Understanding – explains how to create the right circumstances for group learning so that students build on one another’s understanding and end up knowing more than they would have working alone.


Grades: Primary